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Keepvid provides downloading online videos for the personal use ("fair use"). It does not grant any rights to the contents, as it only acts as a technical service provider. Usage of this website and all provided products is subject to compliance of your country's legal permissions, if your local laws do not permit downloads online videos then you are not allowed to use this service. You are also not permitted to use this utility to infringe any sort of copyright by downloading multimedia content which you don't have rights to use.

Description of Services
  • You can use our service to download videos from our supported sites.
  • You are the only responsible for the data (e.g. URLs) which you send to Keepvid service. One is also reminded to respect the laws in force, in particular those concerning the respect of the intellectual and artistic property.
  • The user carries the responsibility for checking the legitimacy of his use of Keepvid. The legitimacy of using this service may differ in the users country through local laws. Keepvid only provides the technical platform. Hence, Keepvid does not take liability towards the user or any third party for the permissibility of downloading content through its services.
  • Keepvid is a free service, which does not offer any guarantee of any kind as for its use.
  • Keepvid reserves the right to change or discontinue any of the Services at any time.

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